Rose concrete and absolute extraction

Rose concrete and absolute extraction

History of our extraction

In 1998 Rosabul has already become one of the leading Bulgarian Rose oil producers. In order to contribute more to the business of our partners, we decided to make one more step in our product list. This product was Bulgarian Rose Damascena concrete. Although the demand for rose concrete and absolute is lower compared to rose oil, Rosabul became the third producer in the country. Nowadays, our company still is one, of the few who supply rose concrete and absolute.


Our extraction is located in the village of Chernozhemen, Bulgaria in the Rose Valley. It consists of 8 extraction vessels each with a capacity of 3.2 cubic meters. Fresh but dry rose blossoms are extracted with solvent (hexane) which obtains the essential oils and waxes. Afterward, the hexane is evaporated out of the concrete. Our technology ensures the rose blossoms are not in motion while extraction. This leads to higher quality and content of absolute within the rose concrete. We use additional processing under low temperatures to extract the rose absolute from the concrete which contains not less than 60% of it.

Quality of the product

The use of only fresh but dry rose blossoms is crucial to the quality of the product. The solvent also plays a vital role in this process. That is why we rely on using the highest quality of hexane. For over two decades we are gaining experience and knowledge in extracting Rose Damascena. We always strive to produce the highest quality of rose concrete and absolute and keep our partners’ expectations fulfilled.

How to make an inquiry

If you would like to receive information of Bulgarian rose concrete or rose absolute, please fill the form on our contact page.