Essential oils distillery

Rose oil distillery

History of the Distillery

Rosabul started its journey as Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil producer in 1993. The first step was the creation of the essential oil distillery in the village of Chernozhemen, Bulgaria. The village is located within the Rose Valley near its southern border. Back in that year, our company became the first non-government Bulgarian rose oil producer. Initially, Rosabul equipped the distillery with 6 distillation vessels each with a volume of 10 cubic meters. Due to the massive success and the growing demand for Bulgarian rose and lavender oil soon the capacity became insufficient. Therefore, in 1998 the company added an addition of 3 more distillation vessels with the same volume, making them a total of nine.

why us

At This strategic location there are plenty of rose gardens located nearby. This ensures the supply of fresh and high quality rose blossoms. In addition with the best manufacturing practices and experience throughout the years, ensure that one the finest Rose Damascena oil is produced in the distillery. For over 25 years we continue to maintain what our founders started. We continuously expand our knowledge, and adapt to the future of essential oils.

bulgarian rose oil

Our Bulgarian rose oil continues to be a preferred product by companies in the fragrance and flavor industry. Some of them are world-leading fragrance houses and cosmetic companies from Grass, France and all around the world. Clients and IFEAT delegates regularly visit the distillery when sourcing for the finest Bulgarian rose oil and they often find not only partnership but also friendship. If you are interested to visit us and get involved in the magic of Bulgarian Rose oil, please let us know using our contact page as we will be looking forward to welcoming you.

what is next

If you are interested in Bulgarian rose otto or other essential oils produced in our distillery, please contact by sending us an inquiry on our contact page. We will happily assist you and guide you through the process of sourcing essential oils from Bulgaria.




the distillery

Our founders Rumen Skakalechkov (pink shirt) and Mitko Skakalechkov (white hair) celebrating the start of the construction work. One year later in 1993 the first non-government Bulgarian rose oil distillery starts to operate.

Chernozhemen, Bulgaria 1992.

Distillery construction