Our rose Damascena gardens

Our Rose Damascena Gardens

history behind our rose gardens

Since the foundation of our company in 1993, Rosabul was collecting and distilling the rose blossoms from farmers. However, we noticed a few alarming facts. The market price on rose blossoms can be very unstable. The rose material can travel a long way and therefore lose its qualities due to the heat. Last but not least, poor control over the pesticides and fertilizers used. Therefore, our company decided that in order to be a reputable Bulgarian rose oil producer, it needs to have its own rose gardens. That is why, in 1998 our company started to grow roses. And in a few years time, we had a total of 140 hectares of Rose Damascena gardens.

why we grow

Our rose gardens are distributed across five locations. Each of them is within 10 kilometers from the distillery. What this means is the transportation time is lead to a minimum. Therefore the rose blossoms arrive fresh and with perfect scent. This is one of the most crucial factors for the aroma and quality of the Bulgarian Rose Damascena oil and absolute. Our Rose Damascena gardens are located at the southern part of the Rose Valley, where is it unlikely to get freezing. Additionally, we take expert advice in choosing the right pesticides and fertilizers to ensure the quality of our rose oil is not compromised.

Arrange a visit

If you are interested to visit our rose gardens, please send us an inquiry on our contact page. You can become part of the magical process or Bulgarian rose picking.